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What Is Market Orientation and How Does It Work?

Market orientation is a company strategy in which product development and creation activities are centred on meeting the needs of customers. It is a form of marketing orientation technique in which items are designed with attributes that customers desire, as opposed to the traditional marketing approach.

Despite the fact that marketing teams have a role in the marketing methods used, the marketing orientation is set by upper-level management priorities.

The following are the several sorts of marketing orientations:

1. Sales orientation

2. Market orientation

3. Production orientation

4. Societal orientation

Market orientation is more of a product design approach than a promotion strategy. It indicates that instead of engaging in any promotional or sales activity, the focus should be on analysing the target audience and determining their needs. While developing and upgrading the product offering, the needs are kept in mind.

A customer-centred approach is used by a market-oriented business, which indicates that the most pressing issues, immediate demands, and personal preferences of the client base must be investigated.

The plan must be based on the consumer base's values, culture, and other behavioural characteristics. As a result, the organization's development efforts are concentrated on the most frequently desired traits. This allows businesses to adapt to changing markets and improve their competitiveness.

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Perspective on decision-making: From the standpoint of market intelligence, it is the daily information relevant to a company's markets that is gathered and evaluated specifically for the aim of making correct and confident decisions in identifying market opportunity, among other things.

Customer orientation perspective: From the standpoint of customer orientation, it is critical for the company to concentrate on its customers in order to achieve long-term success.

Culturally based behavioural perspective: Another key issue for businesses to consider is how customers react to a product based on their inherited values from their families.

Perspective on Competitors: It is critical for a company to understand what its competitors are doing. It provides information on the product's status, design, and innovation.

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There are numerous aspects to a marketing mindset. Decision making viewpoint, market intelligence perspective, strategic perspective, customer orientation perspective, and culturally based behavioural perspective are the five marketing orientation perspectives. Marketing orientation is a quantitative concept that may be measured using marketing orientation measures.

MARKOR and MKTOR are two of the most extensively used scales for assessing marketing orientation. Customer orientation, inter-functional cooperation, and competitor orientation are the three components that make up MKTOR. On the other hand, the MARKOR scale considers the average of three scores: intelligence generation, intelligence dissemination, and responsiveness.

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