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Introduction to Integrated marketing communications?

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is a branding and coordination strategy employed by businesses. A thorough plan that assesses the strategic roles of many communication disciplines and then combines them to create clarity, consistency, and maximum communication effect. An IMC strategy's main goal is to provide consumers with a consistent experience across all areas of the marketing mix. Each marketing communication channel, rather than working in isolation, reinforces the brand's core image and messaging.

Marketing has evolved significantly, particularly in the recent, technology-driven social media economy. As a marketer in the globally connected economy, integrating marketing communications and branding strategies to deliver a consistent, clear, and concise message to prospective consumers is more important than ever.

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) pursues this, expanding upon traditional marketing strategies to incorporate broader storytelling across a wider variety and consistently expandingseries of communication channels between the organization and its various stakeholders. From a technical view, this is all about identifying and aligning the vast array of tools in a marketer’s kit i.e. advertising, blogs, social media, PR, direct selling, etc. However, another key piece to this puzzle is how the consumer feels about the organization, and how receptive they are to the values and operations of the company.

Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment Help

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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) was created to meet the demand for businesses to provide more than just traditional advertising to their customers. There is no universally accepted definition for this. Different marketing organisations and societies, on the other hand, have developed their own definitions of marketing communication. This is a broad topic, and there are numerous models for implementing integrated marketing communication.

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