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An Introduction to Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy and Physiology is the branch of biology course that is the learning of anatomy and physiology of human beings. The anatomy and physiology explain the learning of the digestive system, excretory structure, anxious system, endocrine system, and reproduction systems. There are two approaches to learning anatomy. The local approach separates the human body into diverse segments which are studied discretely.

There are numerous diverse regions of the body – the region of the head & neck, thorax, stomach, upper & lower limbs, pelvis, and back. The methodical approach is concerned with studying all parts of a similar system throughout the whole human body in spite of the physical location of its components.

Anatomy consists of couple of sub branches which are noted and discussed below:

  1. Human Anatomy: It is the research study of body with regard to every organ and their connections with one another
  2. Physiological Anatomy: This is likewise referred to as practical anatomy that includes the research study of organs with regard to their functions.
  3. Comparative Anatomy: This connects to the contrast of both tiny and gross physiological structures utilized in various types of animals
  4. Anthropological Anatomy: This is connection to the contrast of the anatomy of various races of human beings. Anthropological anatomy is also called Physical Anthropology.
  5. Artistic Anatomy: Artistic Anatomy is the research study of Anatomy for creative functions which are made an application for painting and illustration.

Anatomy Nursing Assignment Help

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Topics Covered by our Anatomy Assignment Help Online

Human Anatomy is a huge discipline of biology and discipline. It comprises different topics such as:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Structure and relationship between body parts
  3. The anatomical structure of the body
  4. Musculoskeletal function
  5. Bones, joints, ligaments,
  6. Blood vessels and cells
  7. Microscopic anatomy
  8. Gross anatomy
  9. Embryology
  10. Dissection
  11. Surface Anatomy
  12. Histology
  13. Cytology

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