Political Science Assignment Help

What is Political Science?

The systematic study of government through the application of empirical and typically scientific methods of analysis is known as political science. Political science, as it is usually defined and studied, investigates the state and its organs and institutions. The modern discipline, on the other hand, is far larger, embracing studies of all socioeconomic, cultural, and psychological elements that interact to influence government and the body politic.

Fields Of Political Science

  1. Political science departments at modern universities (sometimes known as government or politics at some institutions) are frequently organised into multiple subjects, each of which comprises numerous subfields.
  2. Domestic politics is the most widely studied field, with subfields such as public opinion, elections, national governance, and state, local, and regional government.
  3. Comparative politics examines similarities and contrasts between countries (typically classified into world regions).
  4. International relations examine countries' political ties and interactions, including the causes of conflict, the formulation of foreign policy, international political economy, and the structures that boost or restrict governments' policy options. In some universities, international relations is organised as a separate department.
  5. Classical political philosophy and contemporary theoretical viewpoints are both included in political theory (e.g., constructivism, critical theory, and postmodernism).
  6. The role of the bureaucracy is studied in public administration. Within political science, it is the discipline that is most oriented towards practical applications, and it is frequently organised as a separate department that educates students for positions in the civil service.
  7. Constitutions, legal systems, civil rights, and criminal justice are all studied in public law (now increasingly its own discipline).
  8. Civil rights, defence, health, education, economic growth, urban revitalisation, regional development, and environmental protection are among topics covered by public policy.

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