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Introduction to STATA

Stata is a comprehensive statistical software package that includes all of the tools you'll need for data analysis, data management, and visualisation. Stata is a programme that allows you to store and manage data (both large and small data sets), perform statistical analyses on your data, and create visually appealing graphs.

Because it is a sophisticated software that allows you to do practically anything with your data, it is widely used among health researchers, particularly those working with very large data sets.

It's crucial to remember that Stata isn't the only statistical programme available; if you choose a career that requires you to work with data, you'll likely come across a variety of others. SPSS and SAS are two more often used statistical software. However, Stata will be the emphasis of this presentation.

Advantages of Using STATA

  1. Both novices and advanced users can utilise the drop-down menus or syntax to perform analysis.
  2. Every two months, Stata developers provide software upgrades with new features and/or bug fixes that have been identified or reported
  3. Stata software allows you to multitask by allowing you to open multiple do-files at once. This is a significant benefit because it makes copying and pasting from other project do-files much easier.
  4. For modelling structural equations, the built-in assistance tool is excellent. Models can be defined using either syntax or a path diagram.
  5. The online community for Stata is large and active. Members of the community can assist you with complex and top-notch statistical procedures.
  6. Another benefit is that it is fairly priced and does not include any additional fees.
  7. Many individuals prefer to use Stata since it is simple to learn while also being extremely powerful.
  8. When employing macros and loops in a do-file to execute repetitive analysis, Stata is quite productive.
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