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What is marketing management?

Marketing management is the process of controlling marketing components, establishing company goals, developing plans step by step, making solid decisions, and putting them into action in order to maximise turn over by meeting customer expectations.

A marketing manager must conduct extensive research to gain a thorough understanding of what marketing management entails and how to improve it in your company's benefit. To attract customers, marketing management relies on product, location, pricing, and promotion.

These four Ps are determined by the company's management based on client demand for what they want to buy, at reasonable market rates, and easily accessible in shops or online. For a business to survive, marketing management must deal with and bring in these aspects.

Process of marketing management

It is self-evident that we need to understand what marketing management entails in today's world and how we might do it. Every business has its own set of aims and goals that distinguish it from the competition. However, the following are some things to do in order to improve your marketing management:

  1. Create a mission statement and work towards it
  2. An examination of your company's industrial standing
  3. Getting ready for work
  4. Continue to evaluate, tweak, and repeat the strategies.

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