Cost Accounting Assignment Help

Cost Accounting Assignment Help

What is cost accounting? Cost Accounting Homework Help

Cost accounting is one of the fundamental principles in finance and accountancy. It is an integral part of a company’s fund management. At its core, it is a tool for measuring the cost of operations, goods etc., which consequently help you report expenses for a particular time period. The determination of this cost structure is crucial, since it helps the management to come up with a budget as per requirements.

Apart from manufacturing firms, cost accounting is widely used in banks. There are a lot of other costs which have to be taken into consideration while preparing a cost account. Due to its extensive and mathematical nature, students often find themselves lost when it comes to cost accounting tasks.

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Components of cost accounting

There are multiple ways of classifying costs.

Direct costs are spelled out for companies to calculate correct component costs. Indirect costs, conversely, are dynamic in nature and cannot be specified. The reasons for which these differ may also vary.

Alternatively, costs can be classified under the following three subheads.

Material costs

A corporate spends a significant amount of money on the purchase of raw material that is required for the production of the finished goods. These are resources for good, which cannot function without materials for services, including equipment and human resource development. There are a variety of sub-categories which fall under product costs.

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In addition to the purchase of raw materials, a company also purchases semi-furnished materials which enhance the production or improve the quality of production.

Almost every corporation needs transportation for the moving of goods. Additionally, power back up is also needed at the sites of production. These require fuel in large quantities. Since energy does not come cheap these days, these costs are also exorbitant.

Packaging is necessary in all stages of production. When ready for consumption, the product needs to be packaged in a manner which makes people want to buy it.

Technology is used during all stages of production, right from the collection of material, to its distribution. These have a limited lifetime, and need to be replaced to ensure that the pace of production is not hampered. This means that apart from the cost of purchasing the product, a company also incurs repairs, maintenance and spare parts costs.

The primary aim of any enterprise is growth and development to ensure profitability. The development of a firm also includes expansion of its infrastructure. The cost of building materials also needs to be added.

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Labour Costs

This is the second sub-category of expenses that a company bears. In order to control labour costs without sacrificing company efficiency, two methods can be adopted. These are automation and optimization of the efficiency and output of labour.

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An employee takes a specified salary in return for the services they provide and the value they add to your company. This is a basic salary, which does not include any extra benefits.

HRA is an umbrella which covers all the benefits an employee can avail during their association with your company. This generally includes retirement benefits, insurances, and sick leaves and so on. Transportation also needs to be provides.

Housing and security is an additional expense, which does not need to be borne by every company. This may fall under HRA. Similar is the case for food and entertainment.

As per the labour laws of your nation, each employee is entitled to a certain number of paid leaves per year. In case they choose to work on those days as well, appropriate compensation needs to be paid. Companies must also pay their employees when they work over time.

Motivation is necessary to gain loyalty from employees and improving the rate of employee retention. Providing appropriate benefits and incentives helps increase their efficiency by creating a favourable workplace environment.

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Other costs

There are extra costs when it comes to the production process, which vary. It is critical that you realise that this does not mean variable cost, rather refers to a cost required which is not set in stone. This includes anything and everything from electricity, storage costs, repairs, inflation, taxes, depreciation of property, to name a few. These are extremely likely to incur, but we cannot determine their time, length and therefore the total money that you will have to spend.

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What problems do students face while doing cost accounting assignments?

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