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What is Sales promotion?

Sales promotion is a marketing tactic in which a company employs a limited-time campaign or offer to stimulate demand for its product or service.

A sales promotion can be used for a variety of purposes, although the most common reason is to increase sales. Increased sales may be required to meet a quota as a deadline approach, or to increase awareness of a new product.

Different types of Sales Promotions

There are a total of 12 different types of sales promotions. Although not all of them are appropriate for every business, product, or service, each one provides unique approaches to increase sales and connect with customers through various sales psychology techniques. Each has a unique take on spin selling, as well as a comparison of sales methodologies.

  1. Early-bird or first-purchaser promotions: These specials provide first-time buyers discounts to welcome them as clients. Customers are more likely to purchase at a discount, and because the offer only applies once, the business does not lose a lot of money.
  2. Flash sales: These are incredibly brief promotions that provide steep savings for a short period of time. These sales operate by instilling a sense of urgency and necessity in your customers.
  3. Free trials or demos: One of the most prevalent sales campaigns and one of the most viable techniques for growing a customer base is to offer free trials or demonstrations. Businesses can provide a first-time buyer either a limited time with the goods or a limited quantity of the product for free to test if they enjoy it.
  4. BOGO (buy one, get one free) promotions: BOGO (buy one, get one free) promotions are largely used to raise product awareness. Customers can gift their leftover product to a friend or family member, so increasing their customer base.
  5. Competitions and challenges: Competitions and challenges are typically held on social media to enhance customer engagement by allowing followers to compete for a reduced or free product. If the competition or challenge involves sharing the brand on a customer's personal social media account, they frequently result in a lot of free publicity.
  6. Product bundles: Rather than purchasing individual products, product bundles offer a collection of products at a discounted price. Product bundles encourage clients to buy a wider range of products, increasing the likelihood that they will find something they like and wish to buy again.
  7. Free shipping and/or transfers: Free shipping offers aim to reduce the 70% of customers who abandon their shopping carts when they see the delivery fees. The little difference in shipping fees is frequently offset by delighted customer purchases.
  8. Subscriptions: While subscriptions aren't necessarily considered sales promotions because they're typically long-term transactions, having different quantities of a product available at different price points is. With a subscription, a consumer pays a higher charge up front for a large quantity of product, but ultimately pays less than they would if they bought smaller quantities of product individually.
  9. Free products: With the purchase of a larger, mainstream product, free product marketing provide a tiny free product. This increases mainstream sales without consuming too much inventory or revenue for the company.
  10. Coupons and vouchers: Customers are rewarded for their brand loyalty with coupons and vouchers, which stimulate future purchases. This is particularly useful in businesses that employ punch cards to encourage customers to make several purchases in order to receive a free product.
  11. Upsell specials: Although upsell specials are less prevalent than the others, they can nevertheless be very effective. Upsells provide first-time consumers a cheaper version of a product to try out, and then the sales staff attempts to persuade them to upgrade to the more expensive and effective alternative over time.
  12. Donations: Donations are a great approach for a business to establish credibility and goodwill among its customers. The majority of donations operate when a firm donates a part of each sale to a charitable organisation over a set period of time.

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