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What is Epidemiology?

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and antecedents of health-related occurrences or situations in a certain population, as well as the application of the latter knowledge to the prevention of health problems. Four crucial terms determine the quality of epidemiological inferences: accuracy, precision, dependability, and validity.

Public health experts use epidemiological methods and data for population or community health assessments, as well as to influence individual health decision-making in the population, such as cigarette smokers quitting smoking. Three, epidemiologists' data can be used by clinical physicians and laboratory scientists to gain a better knowledge of a disease outbreak, thus complementing the clinical outlook. Finally, the majority of epidemiological research and data is devoted to the discovery of diseases.

Analytical epidemiology and descriptive epidemiology are the two fields of epidemiology. In analytical epidemiology, the goal is to provide the causes and explanation for health-related events, whereas descriptive epidemiology is concerned with the description of the dispersion of health-related events or conditions.

Epidemiology Assignment Writing Servicestopics covered by Completeassignmenthelp.com

  1. Public health and Epidemiology
  2. Statistical Inference
  3. Causes of diseases
  4. How to prevent diseases
  5. Communicable diseases
  6. Occupational and environmental epidemiology
  7. Clinical epidemiology
  8. Natural source of diseases
  9. Diagnostic criteria
  10. Health and disease measurement
  11. Life expectancy
  12. Mortality rates
  13. Child mortality
  14. Adult mortality
  15. Maternal mortality
  16. Types and techniques of study
  17. Experiments and observations
  18. Experimental Epidemiology
  19. Observational Epidemiology

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Few key terms of Epidemiology Assignment

Incidence: The number of problems or diseases that occur in a population during a given time period is known as incidence.

Prevalence: The overall number of people infected with a disease at any particular time is known as the prevalence.

Illness Costs: The total expense of curing a sickness is commonly referred to as the cost of illness. However, if we include all of the components involved in the disease's therapy, it becomes a more difficult task to quantify. Work-related costs, the cost of supported personnel, educational costs, and so on are some of the additional costs.

Burden of Disease: Burden of Disease is defined as the number of years of life lost due to illness, as well as the difference between disability-adjusted life expectancy and total life expectancy.

DALY (Disability-Adjusted Life Year): One DALY represents one year of healthy life lost, and it is also used to assess the difference between a population's current health and the ideal state in which an individual can live to be 100 years old in good health.

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